Europe has a story to tell

Who's behind it?

Reichs-Gesetz und Regierungsblatt
Interstate agreement between the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, Prussia, Bavaria and Saxony, 25 July 1850.
PDF, 3.27 MB
Treaty of Rome
25 March 1957, the foundation of the EEC
PDF, 391 kB
The State of Digital Technology in Europe
Nelson M. Blachman, Communication of the ACM, 1961
CEAB 11.932/1/II/67-D, Historical Archive of the European Commission
OECD General Report, Gaps In Technology
Comparisons between member countries. Publication 24.685-68, Paris 1968
The Units of Account as a Factor of Integration
Commission of the European Communities (CEC) 87/75, in: Information, Economy and Finance, 1975
PDF, 460 kB
A Brief History of European Union Research Policy
Lucca Guzzetti, European Commission, Studies 5, October 1995, EU bookshop
ICL and the Evolution of the British Mainframe
Martin Campbell-Kelly, The Computer Journal, Vol 38, No 5, 1995, Oxford University Press
A History of the European Space Agency 1958 - 1987
J. Krige and A. Russo, The story of ESRO and ELDO, 1958 -1973, Vol 1, 2000, esa
50 years International Telecommunication Union
In 2006, ITU-T celebrated 50 years of making standards (ITU history)
PDF, 1.06 MB
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